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And we can swing and dance the night away
We don't give a damn what people say

Our Time - Lily Allen
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Never let anyone change you
Because you're perfect the way you are
So free youself to night, relearn to fly
'Cause uou have what it takes to reach the sky

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"Even though the night is dark, both within many lives, remember that tomorrow the sun will return, and we are all happy to be alive!"

Hineid Dahab
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Cachorra que se presa, sempre tem um osso enterrado na night.

Garotas Perversas
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The night’s inspirations is the best for you starting to change your mind.Latumia (W.J.F.).

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"Always only see the light of your eyes
Night came and the stars shone stronger, illuminating our dreams. Hyneyd Dahab"

Hyneyd Dahab
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As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine, I walk the line.

Johnny Cash
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What would you say if I threw it all away just to be with you for one night?

jesse mccartney
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NIGHT: Às vezes -> Desestressa; Sempre -> Estressa.

Aline M. Abdalah
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I find myself always thinking of you,
I dream of you every night,
What can I do to forget him, if
everything I do just me reminds you?

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"The night is tough, the longing in my chest tightens. My body wants you, my soul cries of longing, my heart beats faster, always hoping to see you again."

Nice T. Moore
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That night.

Heloisa Burtet
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You sun shines every day on my own land
You moon lit night every day of my dreams
You are watered every day rain my thirst days

Emad - 02-06-13
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I take leave of their eyes every night, and on a screen I can touch them, did not want to leave without seeing you, I'll wait until the last days of my life, I do not know how it happened, was the line that made God unite our thoughts.

Hineid Dahab
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Even though the night is dark, both within many lives, remember that tomorrow the sun will return, and we are all happy to be alive!

Hineid Dahab
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Come we love this road.
Nothing can stop us.
We have a late night and moonlight.
The fields are already covered with dew.
For our love with the sunrise.
The flowers drop their sweet scent but
Aroma of love made by moonlight.

Autora : Gislene Pascutti .
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Esse negócio de dar vale night não é legal. Vai que no caminho se encontra outro gato preto?

Idson Comunica
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I won't let the night stand in my way
I know what I want, I know what I get, yeah
I'm only here to find you, you
All I need is you by my side
All I wanna do
Is lay down next you
Cause I all I need is one love

Justin Bieber
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Melhor forma de curar depressão é ir para Night com dinheiro não mão e calcinha no chão

Marcello Thadeu
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Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise;

Victor Hugo
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