Amauri Nehn: You have no idea of happiness that I...

You have no idea of happiness that I feel, to be loved
the way I always dreamed. The gentleness, kindness
and attention, found in his love, are the satisfaction
total innermost desires of my soul.
I like being loved, is the desire of every man in love.
Then, for some mild and frustrating experiences,
finally met the woman of my dreams.
I hope to continue earning, and I will do everything to
deserve the affection you have shown so far. I
I always aim to be a love so beautiful and so
big, start to think that God finally remember
I know I'm not wasting praise, because those acts
well its way, that person is not made of matter
without merit adjectives. You can not imagine that the will
I have to return because of this love that special
I have dedicated. I believe, want to be the man of their
dreams and his life.
This love is a fairy tale more than perfect. I will
I love every moment in our lives ...

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