Time Gremio

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Tenta se apegar na arte do trabalho de equipe,com isso você e seu time ganhará muito mais do que um jogo.


You don't have to make your mind up
I just wanna take my time with you
If that's all right
That's all right, it's all right
Ooh, forgive me if I get too shy
But maybe you're the reason why
I'm feeling butterflies
There's something 'bout the look in your eyes
Ooh, it just makes me feel so right

When my mind's void
You're my joy
You're the dream
I sleep and pray
For you
I adore
You're everything
That I need
I love
How you
Love me
If I'm made for you
You're made for me
It's too good to be
Tell me what we're gonna do now
Uh, uh, uh, yeah
Tell me what we're gonna do now
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Funny how my world keeps spinning
Sometimes you can be so silly
Know just how to make me laugh, ooh, ooh
Your skin is so lovely
Moves me when you touch me
I know that you've got my back
Feel so safe when you hold me
It's already like you know me

When my mind's void
You're my joy
You're the dream
I sleep and pray
For you
I adore
You're everything
That I need
I love
How you
Love me
If I'm made for you
You're made for me
It's too good to be
Tell me what we're gonna do now
Uh, uh, uh, yeah

Oh right now
See baby I love how you make me smile
Don't leave
Please stay a while
Let's make this happen
I don't care how

Right now lets stay in the present
Can't worry bout tomorrow cause today is a blessin
The world in a state of aggression
I find calm in you
I see my mom in you
It's like a feelin' in a niggas stomach
when you want it so bad
If you keep keepin' it fresh
it ain't gonna go bad
I been through the valley of love
Rolled the shores of cali
just to find peace of mind
Lookin' to the sky
askin' for at least a sign
Beautiful you came at such a decent time
when we combine
it's like good food and wine
Flavorfull yet refined
you remind me of the divine
So easy
Love can be lost and then found, like Stevie
I just love havin' you around
you wearin' a gown
I'm wearin' a crown
pound for pound
we the freshest couple in town

Joss Stone

Time Discovered
March 13, 2011

We will begin this book with the message that will break the spell and the chains of bitterness.
Can I start saying you're a person of a value inscrutable, just because it is God's creation.
When God formed man and woman he made with his hands.
Did as love, affection, devotion, and perfection.
And we are His image and likeness.
This means that we have the capacity to love, choose, to dream, design, perform, create.
Finally, we have the ability to do what is good.
But due to the illusions of man to want power, you lose the community that once had with God. He lost some privileges.
But do not worry, Jesus Christ, Son of God, came to renew that communion and intimacy with God.
Then the time of discovery begins when we recognize our mistakes, and make the error, hit a bridge.
We are disappointments, one way to respond wisely.
We begin to discover the simple fact that we are God's creation.
Perfect work of the Almighty.
Nothing else compares to the creation of God and His supernatural power.
We are the perfect product of his love.
We are the essence of his passion.
We are the consummation of the divine plan.
We have within us the courage to create in our minds and hearts the joy of living.
You can reflect your life, when you are faced with God's creation.
When you stop and think how good and so is God's creation.
The first step to discovering their value, is to recognize the greatness of God's creation.
So the journey of discovery begin.
Whenever a sentence is said in this book, stop and think and try to put more truth on the tablets of his heart, so that when the criticism comes slander or libel, you can overcome them by understanding their real value.
Its value is not what you make.
Its value is already in you, you're told.
Ready to raise a decent life.
Ready to tell the world, I am a garden of joy.
But do not get value out of it, before knowing his.
Because you will lose your identity.
And the identity is made when we found out.
Indeed, identity is something so valuable that we can not leave out, understanding of self.
This book is not to massage your ego, but to make you a better person, when they hearken to the voice of truth (Jesus Christ), we can then live a decent life before men and before God.
For you know your value, you need to look within themselves, not with a simple look, but with a deep look, with a mission to hunt down within themselves the values ​​that were lost causes by the adversities of life.
Look at yourself and see its value.
Get to know yourself more and see its value.
You do not need a horoscope or sorcerers, or psychologists to discover their values. The only thing you need is to look within themselves.
Always spying on their land.
Always try to capture values ​​that are in you, and that will never be lost, only if you live in illusions.
Because the illusion "steal" our values, and then live unworthily.
When we opened the door of our hearts for deception, for vanity, for the superfluities of life, we lose intimacy with God and with us and give a hand to misfortune.
I have a witness to give, as long I lived a delusion, thinking I was one thing, but actually I was different, very different.
I spent a process where I cried, lived and times of angst, charm kissed my heart and I lived to suffer.
But when I took a decision to change the spell was broken, because I opened my ears to the gospel and the Word of God.
And everything in my life changed.
It was wonderful to give credit to God's Word.
I can say that this book is a literary autobiography of my life and my first steps to my intimacy with Christ.
I could overcome my fears when I let God heal me.
I could see the marks of illusions dispelled and the stones of my life.
My land was then healed and my known values.
And I found it worth living light of God's Word.
What a joy it is to live the Word of God.
And you want to live better lives, start giving credit to God's Word.
Try to hear some good news, messages from heaven.
The time of discovery will begin to develop in your life when you stop to think that the way we live is not worth it, living in illusions, not the life that God dreamed and planned for all of us.
God has better for you.
God can change your life, you can just tell the direction of God, that He will send you the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and so to convince you that you are very special to God.
Look at yourself.


Guerreiro, pertença ao time de "Guerreiros da Vida", lute sempre, jamais desista!

Izzo Rocha

Chega uma hora, que a gente tem que tirar o time de campo, não dá para ficar correndo atrás da bola a vida inteira

Ivan Belo

I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time.


Deus morreu por ti, já o seu time duvido muito que faria o mesmo por você.


Todas as coisas que você sente por aquele time, eu sinto... por você.

Vanessa Pimentel

O time do senhor Jesus não precisa jogar para ser campeão.

Claudiney Ribeiro

Time after time é uma das melhores músicas românticas da Ashley.

Michelle de Oliveira

Just Friends
Amy Winehouse
When will we get the time to be just friends
It's never safe for us not even in the evening
‘cos I've been drinking
Not in the morning where your shit works
It's always dangerous when everybody's sleeping
And I've been thinking
Can we be alone?
Can we be alone?

When will we get the time to be just friends
When will we get the time to be just friends

And no I'm not ashamed but the guilt will kill you
If she don't first
I'll never love you like her
Though we need to find the time
To just do this shit together
For it gets worse
I wanna touch you
But that just hurts

When will we get the time to be just just friends
When will we get the time to be just friends, just friends
When will we get the time to be just friends, just friends
When will we get the time to be just friends, just friends
Just friends

Amy Winehpuse

Dance, dance
We're falling apart to half-time
Dance, dance
And these are the lives you love to lead
Dance, this is the way they'd love
Dance, this is the way they'd love
Dance, this is the way they'd love
If they knew how misery loved me

Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance ♪♪♪

Fall Out boy

Long time ago, a young man saw his village being attacked by rebels and his family be killed. Afraid he escaped on the way encounter with a wolf. Desperate armed young man is a stone and threw it against the amazing beast. That
moment he felt strong. Far from it alone has put together the stone found, as a guarantee of defense for any danger. There was a mountain stones. One day I heard noises in the woods scared and foot that took a mountain of stone to defend. The mountain collapsed on him killing him. Moral of the story, often believe to be right will only counter itself.

Amauri Nehn

Perguntar pra que time eu torço é um insulto pra mim. Corinthiana é quase o meu sobrenome.

Letícia Beppler

Queria poder compartilhar seus ótimos momentos comigo.
Seu aniversário, seu time ganhando o campeonato do ano, sua formatura. Mas infelizmente isso não é possível.
É. Não é possível.

Raissa Miranda

Seu time tem libertadores? O meu mudou o Brasil e criou a Democracia.

Charles Alves